19 February, 2009

Here we go!

Again, first order of business is prayers and positive thoughts for the Johnson family!

I have a 3-4 miler on tap for tonight, however much I can fit in before rushing home to get cleaned up for a night out w/ DBF.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Right now, I'm doing runs of 3-4 miles at a go. 4 days a week. Will move up to 4-5 milers as my mainstay runs. stay there a while, then start lengthening one weekday run and the weekend run. By May or so, I need to be doing 20-25 miles per week, consistently. That's my base-building plan.

Because as you might have guessed by now, I have registered to run the NYC Marathon this fall. I know, I can hear the eyes rolling around in your head right now because I swore I would NEVER, EVER, run that race again.

But I'm running in Cody's name again, and will fundraise for Neuroblastoma again. And that makes it worth all the effort.

18 February, 2009

Again, first things first - sending every positive thought that I can to Mickey, Diane, Cody, and family today.

Other than that, just happy that I'm enjoying my running again. It's been a long time since I've been able to say that! It's really hard work again, which isn't surprising given how much time I took off, but I finish a run feeling like I've accomplished something. :-)

Did 4 last night, TM at the gym, and am planning on 4 or 5 tonight. I need to start back up with the crunches and pushups.

16 February, 2009

Monday, Monday...

First off, I'm sending every positive thought and energy I can to Mickey, Diane, Cody and family today. Praying for a miracle that Cody's liver function improves so he can start back with his chemo again... sigh.

I'll be running my fall marathon in honor of Cody again, and will start my fundraising for Neuroblastoma research at MSKCC pretty soon as well.

Other than that, just planning on a 4-5 miler tonight at the gym. I can't believe I'm sore from the 3-miler that I did on Saturday. Just goes to show that other cardio, whether elliptical, bike or arc trainer, are no substitute for running.

13 February, 2009

Winter has returned after taking off a few days (we had 52F temps on Wednesday and 45F temps yesterday). 18F today, but nice blue skies.

I'll be hitting the gym tonight for a few miles. Then going to the movies with sis#1.

I haven't been running much or often - lots of plans but things seem to get in the way. Not necessarily important things, just things in general. But I'm signing up for a marathon next week, and I darn well better get consistent with my running, and long before the training season actually starts.

05 February, 2009

I'll get to the gym for a 4-miler tonight, looking forward to it.

But my main thought today is for Cody, the 6-year old son of my friends Mickey and Diane - waging his 3rd battle against Neuroblastoma. And for Mickey and Diane themselves, waging their battle against stupid insurance companies.

Sending every positive thought I can!