22 November, 2011

This week

So over the weekend I took a drive with the DBF (dear boyfriend) to the new Crown Point Bridge (aka the Champlain Bridge), that connects the western and eastern sides of Lake Champlain.  Had a great walk across it - complete with howling wind - and back.  Great view from the top of it - out over the Ticonderoga historical site, and a nice lake view as well.

Last night, hit the elliptical at home for 30 minutes.  Tonight, planning on 4 miles after work, TM at the gym.  Followed by a trip to Costco for Thanksgiving groceries.  That might be more of a workout than the run.  :-)

15 November, 2011

6 days later

6 days after my last post, and I've only fit in 3 runs.  Let's just say work is kinda busy these days and it's taking over some of my personal time.

Tonight, working until 8:30, then will head home and get on the elliptical while watching Biggest Loser, my guilty pleasure.  I'll post time/pace stuff after that.

09 November, 2011

It's been a while

It's been a while since I posted here. Holy smokes, almost a year!

I just got back from a weekend in NYC cheering on about 25 friends who were running the NYC Marathon, and came back totally inspired to get back out there next year.

So that's the plan! I'm currently running about 10-12 miles per week, with a little elliptical thrown in on days when I work late and can't get to the gym. I'm slowly (very slowly) moving that up, and would like to be at 20-25 mpw by February or so. Stick there for two or three months, then in May, start moving the mileage up again, essentially stretching an 18 week marathon-specific plan out over 26 weeks or so.

I'll post here regularly going forward, and essentially this will be my training journal.