13 February, 2012

Okay, some decisions made

I've had the Chicago Marathon percolating around in the back of my head for several years now, always looking at 2012 Chicago as my own personal rematch after my 2007 Chicago heatwave fiasco - 5 years ago, timing seems right, etc.

And of course, after cheering my friends on in NYC back in November, with all the excitement of that fantastic race, running the streets of my home city, I was desperate to run the NYC Marathon again.

After some thought (and spurred on by the rapid pace of registrations for Chicago), I bit the bullet and registered for Chicago before they reached their registration cap of 45,000 runners.  And I'm in the lottery for NYC Marathon.  Heaven forbid I get into NYC now that I've registered for Chicago, because I certainly don't envision myself running two marathons within 4 weeks of each other.

So the plan is, Chicago Marathon on 7October2012.  Trained up and ready to go.  And fundraising for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center as always!!

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