26 April, 2014

Not feeling it

I've not been feeling the love with running lately.  In fact, hmmph, if I wasn't signed up for so many races for 2014, I'd switch down to walking all the time.  However, I'm doing 14 races in 2014, so will keep at the run/walk scenario.

Race #2 is tomorrow, the 9/11 Memorial Run/Walk 5k.  I'm participating as what they call a Global Runner, i.e. I won't be in NYC for the race itself, but will wear a t-shirt from the race and do a 5k here where I live.  It's a way to run in solidarity with others.

And speaking of solidarity, HOW ABOUT THE BOSTON MARATHON!!  35000 strong joyful runners on the streets leading to Boston.  And wow, MEB was amazing, winning at age 38 with a new PR!  And Shalane ran a gutsy race, ending up with a PR as well!  That might have been my least productive day at the office - EVER.  Between streaming the last hour of the elite's race, and then tracking the 16 friends I had running, well, not much work got done.  :-)

And on an unrelated not, every time I use it, I learn the lesson that I have no idea how to use my Garmin.