25 January, 2012

what's new

So, I did my race back in December, the NYRR Ted Corbitt 15k.  I was very much at the back of the pack, but it was a great day to run, I had great company with my as one of my best friends (much faster than me) hung with me back there, and remembered and honored my Dad in the best way I know how.

Since then, I've been fitting in about 3 workouts a week, a mix of running or time on the elliptical.  I am VERY MUCH looking forward to having longer daylight hours, not that I'll necessarily be outside running, but just for improved mood. :-)

My race calendar for 2012 is fillling up a little, mostly with short stuff in the first half of the year, then hopefully 100-on-100 Heart of Vermont Relay in August (assuming we're putting a team together again).

And the big one.  My 7th NYC Marathon for MSKCC.

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