13 March, 2009

I've got a head/chest cold at the moment, but got to the gym last night for 3 TM miles. It was REALLY hard work! But I think warming up the body, getting the blood pumping, working up a good sweat, helped my cold a bit, so back at it tonight with another 3-4 miles.

By the way, we're back to winter again. 14F today and bright blue skies.

06 March, 2009


I can't really say much for myself right now. Have been running fairly consistently (3-4 days per week), need to make that 4-5 days per week, and then up the mileage per run. I'll get there. The time change this weekend will help for sure.

Much more importantly, though, I'm heartbroken to have to say that Cody, the 6-year old son of my friends Mickey and Diane, passed away from Neuroblastoma this morning. You can read more about their journey on Mickey's blog: http://deckapes.blogspot.com/.

I am so ANGRY that cancer has taken this beautiful little boy, so ANGRY that his amazing parents have to bear this loss, and so ANGRY that Cody's brother and sister have to move forward without their little brother.