29 March, 2014

Outside exercise, woohoo!

So rather than get myself to the gym today, I put on the long running pants and a soft shell fleece and went outside.  40f might not sound warm to some of you, but given our recent weather, and given the snow that's coming tonight, I figured best to take advantage of fairly clear streets and warm weather today.  :-)

I did pretty much a figure-8 of my neighborhood and finished up at 2.14 miles.  This was walking, not running.  I was so happy to get my legs moving and work up a sweat!

Tomorrow, since we'll have snow on the streets again, I'll hit the gym and use the TM (treadmill), run/walk combo.

28 March, 2014

I'm back!

As usual, I’m starting this blog post with words to the effect of “Wow, I haven’t  posted here in a while.”  And it’s true.  Does anyone else find they’re trying to connect in too many places and can’t keep up with all of them, i.e.  blog, facebook, running forums, daily mile, etc.  Anyways, my plan is to use this as my training journal, which should have me checking in here at least 4 days a week going forward.  :-)

So having said all that, I haven’t run in weeks!  I’ve had a whopper of a cold the last 2 weeks, and am finally back to about 90% healthy, so plan on getting out there tomorrow for 3-4 miles (and by out there, I mean the TM at the gym).  And again on Sunday, also TM at the gym.  Since we’re getting snow AGAIN tomorrow night, 5”-10”.  Seriously, enough already.

On a semi-related note, I just made my appointment to have my snow tires taken off for the season – on May 17th.  Winter should be over by then.