25 February, 2015

plans so far

Well, I've been trying to come up with a race calendar for 2015 with some difficulty.  I am trying to be super-realistic about where I'm at with my running, with my stupid heel/achilles, and with my overall fitness.

I've pencilled in a few races; starting with a 15k in June - which I promptly erased from my calendar; a 3-5 person marathon relay on Memorial Day weekend - which I promptly erased from my calendar; a weekend in NYC in June to run the Mini 10k - which I promptly erased more due to budget constraints.

So as it stands:
  • a local 10k in August
  • a local 5k in August
  • NYRR Ted Corbitt 15k in December
That's it so far.  I'm in the lottery for NYC Marathon, but have no intent to run in 2015.  If I get picked (and we find out next week), I will hold onto my entry and almost certainly use it in 2016.

My main order of business right now is: power-walk 4 days a week, and focus on better eating.  I have a goal by end of June to be at a healthy weight.  That's 4 months of hard work ahead of me.

Oh, and I just signed up for the beginner runner group at the local Fleet Feet running store.  That'll rein me in from trying to do too much too fast as I come back yet again from my heel/achilles issue.

19 January, 2015


Wow, 2015 already.  How did that happen?

Quick wrap-up from 2014...  I did the NYRR Ted Corbitt Classic 15k in December as planned, although walked a good portion of it.  Heel/achilles felt okay for the race but sure burned like a @#!&%!%&!#% after I was done.  I made the switch from Saucony Guides and Saucony Omni (both 8mm drop) to New Balance 860v5 which have a 12mm drop.  That has helped with the heel/achilles issue, but it's still a problem off and on.  Sigh.

On to 2015...  I did the RunVermont First Run 5k on New Years Day (slow as molasses as usual), and have the NYRR Gridiron Classic 4M on Super Bowl Sunday in a few weeks.  Beyond that, I'm hoping to VERY SLOWLY build my mileage and target a late fall half or 15k.  Probably Ted Corbitt 15k again.  Other focus is still to lose some weight, with a goal of before my birthday in late June.