29 April, 2008


OK, check that off the to-do list! I got myself to the gym tonight, ran 5 miles, cooldown, stretch, and 100 crunches.

One icky thing... My arms, which I really sunburned in New Orleans, are now covered in those gross water blisters, since apparently my sweat couldn't escape due to burned/dry skin. ick. and probably TMI (too much information).

Anyways, 5 miles in the mileage bank for the week. Planning on 4 tomorrow night, mostly due to time constraints - have plans at 7:30 w/ the BF.

I'm baaaaack!

I got back last night from my annual pilgrimage to New Orleans Jazz Fest - I'll post my usual review of each day of Fest, best music I heard, best food I ate, etc., later.

I will admit, I didn't run even once while on vacation. Back at it tonight with an easy 5 miles. I'm pretty sure it's not going to be easy at all though. :-)

16 April, 2008

back at it

I had 5 easy planned for last night, but felt pretty icky after yesterday's doctor appointment, so got out for a walk and that was about it.

Back at it tonight with 5 or 6 easy miles, treadmill - I'm putting the car on autopilot to the gym.

If I go home with hopes of running outside, I'll end up falling asleep on the couch and never making it outside. I had a cruddy night's sleep.

Gosh, I sound whiny. My apologies. :-)

14 April, 2008

4 easy miles

I did 4 easy miles at the gym tonight, on the habitrail/treadmill.

Yes, it was absolutely gorgeous out today. and Yes, I should have been running outside. But I know my (very low) level of motivation lately. If I went home, ostensibly to change and go running, I'd get sidetracked and never make it out for a run.

I thought it best just to drive straight to the gym after work, and run, even if it was inside.

So, 4 easy miles, cooldown, stretch, and 100 crunches.

Back at it tomorrow w/ 5 easy miles.

02 April, 2008

maybe not my best idea ever

But I went to the gym after work tonight and did 35 minutes (3 miles equivalent) on the elliptical.

Conventional wisdom holds that re exercising w/ a cold - if it's a head cold, ok; if it's a chest cold, not ok. However, even though I think I have a chest cold, I'm sick of being sick, I've been feeling a bit better day by day, and a good workout and a good sweat usually helps w/ my head colds so I thought I'd go for it.

I felt fine, breathing was fine, and I feel much more like myself.

Back at it tomorrow with a short run.

nothing to say for myself...

Well, I have nothing to say for myself lately. I've been sick enough that I haven't run in over a week now. I even (insert gasp here) took a sick day on Monday, my first since the mid-'90s.

I feel about 85% today, and if nothing else, will get out for a walk tonight after work. I think the fresh air will do me good, and frankly am feeling like a marshmallow lately, and need the exercise.