02 April, 2008

maybe not my best idea ever

But I went to the gym after work tonight and did 35 minutes (3 miles equivalent) on the elliptical.

Conventional wisdom holds that re exercising w/ a cold - if it's a head cold, ok; if it's a chest cold, not ok. However, even though I think I have a chest cold, I'm sick of being sick, I've been feeling a bit better day by day, and a good workout and a good sweat usually helps w/ my head colds so I thought I'd go for it.

I felt fine, breathing was fine, and I feel much more like myself.

Back at it tomorrow with a short run.


Ronster said...

I go wacko if I don't run for too long, so I understand your need. I know how good it feels to be back out doing any kind of good exercise.
Seriouly, I was on vacation in Panama last week and couldn't enjoy myself fully until the 2nd day when I ran 5 miles in the 95 degree heat at 7am. After that, the buffet tables were all the better!

Perfumes said...

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TiredMamaRunning said...

I understand that need to do a little something, even when sick....just ran in the pouring rain two nights ago and I think it helped purge me of my bug!

(I'm also laughing at the spammy post from "perfumes" there)

I just started a blog here too hope you don't mind if I add you to my blogroll!

(It's Kazz from RWOL)