25 July, 2014

NRR (not running related)

So, I had the pleasure of catching Ryan Adams at the Flynn on Wednesday.  My mini-review below...

What can I say but: f’ing a-mazing.  He does like the f word, and used it quite liberally in his between song banter.  :-)  He was hysterical, actually.  A few jokes poking fun at Burlington (well-deserved), a riff on roosters smoking ciggies in the alley next to the vegan restaurant he went to for dinner.  Etc.

He and the band were amazing – tight but relaxed at the same time, if that makes sense. A few songs beautiful enough to put a lump in my throat - Sweet Carolina in particular.  He and his guitarist had beautiful harmony going on that one.  Dirty Rain also gorgeous.  And I've got a hankering to go buy everything of his that I don’t already own.  :-)

Set list is below, along with one of my crappy photos from the show.

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