28 August, 2014

week 3 of the plan

Well, I'm into week 3 of my half-marathon plan, but a few changes....  My achilles tendonitis is back again, and I am walking all my mileage.  and due to the achilles, I've decided to not do Grete's Great Gallop in October.  Nor will I be doing the Green Mountain Half the week after that.

Instead, I'm registered for the NYRR Ted Corbitt 15k in December - that gives me 2 more months to recover from/deal with the achilles problem, and 2 more months to very slowly build my mileage to 15k instead of a half distance.  Probably a better and wiser choice.  What a concept!

A December race also gives me 2 additional months to work on taking off some of the extra weight I'm carrying around.  I rejoined WW last weekend and am going to meetings, not just doing the online program.  I don't participate much in the meeting, but going to the Saturday a.m. meeting gets my head in the game for the weekend.  I go to the meeting, then go straight to the gym on my way home.  A healthy and active Saturday morning, and it also gets me up and going way earlier on a Saturday than I normally would be.

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