17 June, 2009

a few steps forward

So, a few new things going on with training...

I finally selected a training plan for the fall, and will go with the classic "Official training program of the NYC Marathon" by Bob Glover (the first time/casual marathoner program). It's the same training program as in his book. I like that it gets up to 20 miles a few times, unlike some of the other beginner plans. And I am indeed counting myself as a beginner this time around, since my running over the winter wasn't what it should have been.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to the program and getting into the thick of training season!

Also, a fun little twist to this... The health and wellness writer at the NY Times is training for her first marathon, and by virtue of the resources of the Times, and her column, a slew of training programs are now accessible as online programs. Same program I have printed out and tacked up on the bulletin board, but I can log my runs online, keep track of weekly mileage, how many weeks until the race, etc. And Bob Glover's beginner program is one of the ones they've included. :-) So, it's a nice little toy to play with.

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NYC marathon said...

This may not mean much to you but I was checking entries from my own blog in 2007 where I had noticed a link to your heartbreaking 2007 chicago marathon run disaster. Its really good to see that you are still running marathons (and blogging!). Good luck with the training and NYC marathon. I will see you at the start line!
(Please keep posting progress on the MTP)