04 March, 2010

So, we're in a stretch of decent weather at the moment. Mid-20s at night, and mid-30s during the day. Add in a little sun, longer days, and it's almost easy to believe that spring is here. Of course, this is Vermont, so let's not be fooled into thinking that winter is over. heck, we've got another 2 months of it! (no, just one more month, really).

All that is to say that the long winter funk is over. I'm psyched to be outside, and it's almost to the point where I can run outside after work and still be in daylight hours. Maybe another 2 weeks or so.

I'm focused on the running, and focused on eating better. I've also cut down to just one cup of coffee a day (and am even trying to skip that a few days a week). Now comes the hard part - cutting down on salt. oy.

Oh, and as far as the "giving cheese up for Lent" thing, well, it's starting to annoy me. :-) 4 weeks and 3 days until that's over.

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