14 June, 2010

3 more weeks and then the fun starts

Well, it's Monday 14 June. Three more weeks of base-building and maintenance. Right now, I'm running 4 days per week, 3-4 miles on the weekday runs, and 5 miles or so on the weekend "long" run. My midweek miles are ahead of my training plan's first week, weekend long run is where it's supposed to be. Only problem being that I'm not exactly running all that mileage - definitely doing the run/walk/run/walk methodology because that's where my fitness is at.

So, on July 5th, my 18 week marathon training plan starts. heaven help me LOL. I'm not sure why I get so worked up about this, since I've run 5 of these things. But I've never run one well. Focus, pay attention to the plan, FOLLOW the plan, and it'll be fine on race day.

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zbsports said...

3 weeks training and preparation...then the fun will start...amazing love it!!!