30 May, 2008


OK, although the results aren't really supposed to be posted until Monday 2 June...

Looks like the NYRR is already posting lottery results for the Nike NYC Half-Marathon. And my sis and I both got in!! YAAAAAAY! I'll wait until Monday when results are really supposed to be up, and then will book my flight down to the city for it.

Running has been low priority lately due to bathroom renovation, but that's almost over now, so back at it full force!

Tonight I have 6 easy. Of course, I haven't been running much, so I don't really think a 6-miler's gonna be easy at all. :-)


Laura said...


I'm hoping they post the full marathon lottery early too :)

elizabethnyc said...

Laura, NYC lottery results will be posted on 6 June! That's early - I remember it usually being sometime between 10th and 15th. :-) Good luck to both of us.

Jenn said...