10 November, 2008

I ended up with no run yesterday.

DBF and I were going to hike instead, so I skipped the run, then by the time we got to the trailhead, it was pouring rain (rolling eyes here). So, on we drove, down to Barre where the granite quarries are, hoping they might have tours going - but closed for the winter now (rolling eyes here). So, on we drove, down to the Waitsfield area, hoping to drive over Lincoln Gap and take some pix (the sky has cleared now) but the Gap is also now closed for the winter (rolling eyes here). So all in all, lots of driving for no apparent reason - but some nice countryside and scenery. :-)

Finally, we ended up going bowling. My best game was 91. Yes, I'm awful at it, but it's still a hoot! DBF was in the 120s for all 3 games.

So, today, running after work at the gym. This'll be my first post-marathon run, so I'm interested to see what my legs will feel like.

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