19 February, 2009

Here we go!

Again, first order of business is prayers and positive thoughts for the Johnson family!

I have a 3-4 miler on tap for tonight, however much I can fit in before rushing home to get cleaned up for a night out w/ DBF.

CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Right now, I'm doing runs of 3-4 miles at a go. 4 days a week. Will move up to 4-5 milers as my mainstay runs. stay there a while, then start lengthening one weekday run and the weekend run. By May or so, I need to be doing 20-25 miles per week, consistently. That's my base-building plan.

Because as you might have guessed by now, I have registered to run the NYC Marathon this fall. I know, I can hear the eyes rolling around in your head right now because I swore I would NEVER, EVER, run that race again.

But I'm running in Cody's name again, and will fundraise for Neuroblastoma again. And that makes it worth all the effort.

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