13 February, 2009

Winter has returned after taking off a few days (we had 52F temps on Wednesday and 45F temps yesterday). 18F today, but nice blue skies.

I'll be hitting the gym tonight for a few miles. Then going to the movies with sis#1.

I haven't been running much or often - lots of plans but things seem to get in the way. Not necessarily important things, just things in general. But I'm signing up for a marathon next week, and I darn well better get consistent with my running, and long before the training season actually starts.

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TiredMamaRunning said...

Have fun at the movies!

I hear you, too, on the previous entry-my middle daughter is the same age as Cody and it makes me mad to think of having to fight the insurance company for a procedure for a very ill child. I just think of them and pray for the best when hitting the road.