23 November, 2013

looking ahead a bit

So back before my hip became a problem and my IT band flared in NYC, I threw my name into the lottery for the NYC Half in March 2014.  I'd guess it's a 50% chance of getting selected (I got in last year - and loved loved loved this race).

Anyways, although I'm not running right now, we're 16 weeks out from that race, and my plan is to start a training plan now so I have some structure to my workout schedule.  (I do best with some structure - otherwise I keep pushing stuff off).  I've got a 10 week plan and a 12 week plan, need to review them and make a choice.  Then stretch the plan out to 16 weeks, and walk the mileage for now while my hip hopefully improves.

And if I don't get selected for the NYC Half, I'll probably just stay at the 20-25 mpw level and gain my fitness back for a bit longer.  I am already registered for a half in July, and that allows me a lot of time to build back up safely.

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