30 November, 2013

quick update

I sit here still full from Thanksgiving (not the turkey dinner on Thursday, but rather our traditional Italian feast yesterday).  All healthy stuff, well, maybe not all of it, but super yummy and we make this meal only 3 times a year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter). Anyways, that's all to say that my run today was not very enjoyable.

I'm doing the Runners World Holiday Streak, which is to run at least 1 mile every day between Thanksgiving day and New Years day.  I did 1.3 miles running on Thanksgiving morning around my 'hood.  Then 1.3 miles walking with Sis#1 yesterday.  And 3 miles on the TM at the gym today.

I'm loving this so far - the fact that I only have to fit in 1 mile, no pressure for more, just get out and do it - awesome.

And I've been doing very slow jogging, or walking, or run/walk intervals like today, to avoid aggravating my achilles/hip/IT Band that were all problems during my marathon.  so far so good.

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