18 November, 2013


So, I haven't checked in here for quite some time.  Brief recap - my achilles tendonitis was a problem through my entire training cycle for NYC, then add in some hip pain, and some pretty bad race-day IT band pain, and I was a DNF at NYC Marathon this year.  I stopped just past mile 16, once I got into Manhattan  oy.

I've been walking for exercise since race day.  Tried running a few minutes over the weekend and my hip said no.  So walking it is, at least for now.  I'll mix things up a bit - walking, elliptical, and biking at the gym, and I have 3 more weeks of bootcamp class.  And a lot more focus on what I'm eating - less weight on my joints would most definitely help prevent recurrence of my stupid injuries.

Just short stuff planned for early 2014, then build to a HALF in October or November for MSKCC.

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