23 March, 2008

I'm home from my run, and I'm pretty pleased w/ myself that I mustered up the motivation to get it done.

I did 6 miles as follows:
mile 1 - 5.3 mph at 2% grade
mile 2 - 5.3 mph, 1st .5 at 3% grade, 2nd .5 at 4% grade
mile 3 - 5.3 mph (recovery LOL)
miles 4 and 5 - 5.4 mph
mile 6 - 6.0 mph

I'm trying to approximate my May race w/ the first 2 miles uphill, and will keep doing a run similar to this every week until then. I'll admit, the incline during the 2nd mile just about killed me. I *clearly* need to do more hills.

I've also decided peanut butter on toast before a run is not a good thing. The peanut butter kept repeating on me, so to speak. Is that TMI?

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