05 June, 2008

The heat is on
The heat is o-on...

(said in my best Glenn Frey of the Eagles voice - I think that's who sings that song?)

OK, as of yesterday, I'm officially in the 2008 NYC Marathon. One would think that would light a fire under my butt and get me out the door running a bit more consistently?

I just CAN'T run another crappy marathon this fall - I was well trained last year for Chicago and the fates intervened with a 90F/high-humidity/sunny-no-shade-to-be-found day. So I'm gonna put in the work, and I damn well better come up with a good result this year... grrrrrr. :-)


Laura said...

Congrats on getting in! I'm totally jealous.

Tiny Frog said...

Yay! Another blogger who got in!!!