09 June, 2008

SRD today

It's going to be hazy, hot (90F) and humid again today, with chance of severe thunderstorms and possible hail. oy. Anyways, I have SRD today, so won't need to venture out on a run in that mess.

I'm home waiting for the delivery guys to come with my new washer and dryer! YAY, I'll be able to do a real-size load of laundry. I'm going from a 1.5 cubic foot washing machine up to a Whirlpool 3.7 cubic foot front-loader. Amazing that it's Energy Star rated, and will use HALF the water for a washer that's over twice as big!!

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Carboman said...

hey there! i've added your blog to my NYCM blog. It's at http://roadtonycm.blogspot.com

Good luck in your training! And hope to catch up with you forumites there in NYC!