08 August, 2008


I did 6 TM miles at the gym after work.

I was thinking the entire time that the 1/2 a pulled pork sandwich I had for lunch wasn't a great idea. Sure enough, I got home from the gym and almost puked. TWICE. Is that too much information? Anyways, I had to cancel plans w/ the BF and now I'm just going to take some Pepto Bismol, lay down on the couch, and hope for the best.


Bert said...

Sorry to hear about that, maybe it is just meat, period... Have you ever given any thought to trying a vegetarian or vegan diet? It works for some people; personally I've been vegan for 16 months and have never felt and run better. Just a thought.

elizabethnyc said...

It's a thought, Bert, but I love love love pork and beef. I could never give them up.

I think I just need to be careful with how rich the preparation of the meal is, when I'm going to be running later that day...