19 August, 2008

I had the cruddiest night's sleep last night. Fell asleep on the couch around 9, I think, woke up at 11, and was awake until about 3 a.m. Harrumph. Coffee will be my best friend today. Tons of upheaval at work and it's stressing me out.

Have also decided that I'm sticking to halfs after NYC this year. Yes, I know I've said that before, i.e. during EVERY marathon training season, BUT THIS TIME I REALLY MEAN IT! :-) I just find the training for a full so torturous that it really drags me down.

Or maybe I'm just in a sh*tty mood. Which would probably be helped by a run. There's logic in there somewhere??

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Bert said...

I think I'm with you there on just doing half marathons after I (hopefully) complete my first Boston in April 09. My last two long races have both been halfs (Houston and Austin in Jan and Mar 08) and I had a blast. Half the distance and twice the fun.