04 August, 2008

repeating a week?

I think I'm going to repeat last week's training schedule. No reason except I missed 2 of my 4 runs.

My job really seems to be getting in the way of my running lately. ;-) Seriously though, I'm happy to work however many hours you'd like, Monday to Friday, but I'm really starting to resent having to work weekend days due to events. By the time summer is over, I'll have worked 8 weekend days. That's a full 1/3 of my summer weekends that were taken by my job - and since not all the weekend days fell as a Saturday+Sunday pair, it's actually more like 6 weekends out of 12 that were disrupted, not 4 weekend. Harrumph...

Okay, I'll stop my whining now, I promise.

Can't wait to run tonight - the sky finally cleared, and it's blue sky and dry out.

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Laura said...

Working on nights and weekends sucks... I've had to do it for the last month on my current project. I hate having plans and then getting a call that ruins everything and forces me to be heads down with my laptop for hours!