01 September, 2008

I've been MIA this week. DBF was in the hospital and I was pretty preoccupied with that. He got discharged yesterday, and boy, was he happy to get the heck out of there! :-)

I did 13 miles yesterday (s/h/b/ 14, but I ran out of gas), so SRD today. It's gorgeous out, so will get out for a walk on the lakefront with DBF to keep the legs loose.

Then I'm meeting my Sis and her family at the Fair (it closes today, so must get my last helping of Fair food and rides LOL).

Back at it tomorrow with an easy 5 miles.

Can I also say that I finally feel mentally back in the game? I've been dreading EVERY run lately, and it's nice to have turned the corner from that. good thing, since my marathon is 9 weeks from yesterday.

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