30 September, 2008

Austin City Limits Festival, day 3

Sunday, last day of the festival. At this point, I'm pretty beat... I did manage to drag my bumm down to the hotel gym and get in a 5-miler.

So, day 3, here's who I saw:
Nakia & His Southern Cousins
Mike Farris featuring the Roseland Rhythm Revue
Xavier Rudd - (rolling my eyes at this one)
Joe Bonamassa
Okkervil River
White Denim
Band of Horses
Foo Fighters

Best of the day goes to Mike Farris - fantastic set, fantastic voice, really tight back-up band. I only heard the last 2-3 songs from Nakia & southern cousins, but what I heard was GREAT - I'll definitely be picking up this album. and Okkervil River was really great as well. Band of Horses - I like them more now that I've heard them live. And Foo Fighters sounded great, but it was a complete mob scene near that stage, so we left after 4 or 5 songs. I'll regret that, I'm sure...

Xavier Rudd - well, folks jammed that tent so tight I was expecting something amazing. Frankly, though, it was musical wanking. I left after 2 songs - just nothing there at all that interested me. So I went to Joe Bonamassa instead and he was good.

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