05 October, 2008

ok, here's the plan

So, my training has NOT been what it should have been. I've been on the road way too much this summer and fall, and worked way too many weekends. Too much time away, and not enough time running. As well, I have had a mental block this whole training season, and now, 4 weeks out from my marathon, I still haven't gone further than 15 miles.

So, here's the plan for the next 4 weeks including today:
today: 15 miles
this coming week: rest/5/7/5/5/rest/half-marathon race
week after that: rest/5/7/5/5/rest/18
week after that: rest/5/7/5/5/rest/15
week after that: rest/5/3/5/3 rest/marathon

In other words, little to no taper, because frankly I haven't been taxing my body enough to need one. I'm going to have to count on good general cardio fitness, and only moderate long runs/endurance to get me through the race.

So, 4 weeks from today, the torture will be over, and I can go back to actually enjoying my runs. Basic 5/7/5/10-14 long run, 4 days a week, no schedule and no pressure. Just the joy of running again.

I won't be doing another marathon anytime soon, if ever again, after this one. It really just gets in the way of my running, however counterintuitive that may sound.

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