14 October, 2008

Busy busy weekend! The forecast was best for Saturday and Sunday, and not quite as nice for Monday (which I also had off, thanks to my paesano Christopher Columbus). So, we went hiking on Saturday and Sunday.

Although I can run until the cows come home, I was sucking wind within about 5 minutes of starting - from the incline. I should run more hills, apparently. :-)

Did 15 miles yesterday. SRD today.

By the way, I'm offering up a huge thanks to the finance gods that the MS/Mitsubishi deal got done and that MS has a new infusion of capital. Otherwise, I'd be crying in my (insert beverage of choice here).

Now that they've got a bit of stability, I'm going to move the shares of out the ESOP plan administrator and into a brokerage account where I can sell a little at a time and DIVERSIFY my retirement.


Deck Ape said...

Hey girl, are you in the city this week coming? I'm heading up there today and will be there until Friday or Saturday next week...

elizabethnyc said...

Mickey, I won't be in the city until the 31st (race weekend). Any chance you'll be there then?