24 October, 2008

Nice sunrise this a.m. and brrrr, it's cold out there! 24F at the moment. Mount Mansfield is now white on top, as is Camel's Hump (Camel's Hump is the mountain pictured on the VT state quarter, fyi ).

My right calf is still killing me, so I'm still stretching, still using the stick, etc. I'm going to try one of those icy/hot patches today to see if that helps. I tried running last night with no luck, so ended up on the exercise bike at the gym just to get some cardio. Anyways, I'll try running again at lunch today.

I had the funniest dream last night. DBF bought a house on my Mom's street without realizing. Within 2 days of his closing date, she put him to work on her yard like nobody's business. By coincidence, the same day, the Vermont City Marathon also finished in my Mom's backyard. but I could see the NYC skyline at the back of the yard. The mind works in very strange ways...

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