09 October, 2008


So, I got in a 40 minute progression run last night, from "super duper slow" progressing to "still pretty darn slow." It's a little discouraging, where I am right now with regards to speed, compared to where I was in the spring. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the lack of consistency in my training this summer/fall. Oh well, it'll come back with some work, no doubt there...

Tonight, I have 6 miles on tap, maybe 7. TM at the gym of course. It's now getting dark early enough that I can only fit in 3-4 miles outside before it's dark out. So, gym it is.

Oh, speaking of the gym, I quit the gym near my house. I love the convenience of it, but I have free access to the fitness center at work, and also a free membership to an older gym that's near my office. Given the state of the economy (and of my retirement plan), it's best if I save that $50/month. I'm paid up through 31 October, so that gets me through marathon season. After that, I'll figure it out and also maybe work in some classes and some resistance training, something I haven't had time for with the running.

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