19 December, 2008

getting caught up

I feel like I'm starting to get back on track with my running, at least with the motivation and consistency of it. Certainly not on the fitness end of things (I'm unfit and slow as molasses at the moment), but those improvements will come with time.

This week so far:
M: srd
Tu: 5
W: 5
Th: 3

Normally I'd take SRD today, but I'm in a 4/5/6 running challenge, where I have to run minimum of 4 days a week, minimum of 5 miles/run, for 6 weeks straight. And this week since I only have 2 5-milers so far, and the challenge week ends on Saturday, well, I have to do 5 today and 5 tomorrow.

On an unrelated note, it just started snowing again. We're due for 6" or so tonight.

Another unrelated note, I have to buy my Christmas tree tomorrow, decorate it, do all my Christmas cards, and shop for my DBF's present and my Mom's present. Yowza.

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