07 December, 2008

Let's see, where were we??? :-)

My knee seems to be back to normal now, thankfully. Yesterday, I hit the gym for a mixed bag of cardio:

4 x 10 minutes on elliptical, then arc trainer, then back to elliptical, then the rowing machine.

Can I just say that the rowing machine kicked my butt? Partly because I was 5 minutes into my 10-minute interval before I realized I was on the highest resistance setting, and partly because I just don't have any upper body strength. Clearly I need to remedy that!! LOL.

Today, went for a walk along the river w/ DBF after brekkie. BRRR! Then I went home and did some house stuff. Also fit a nap into my afternoon.

Tomorrow, back to the gym after work for a run, 5 miles or so.

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