29 December, 2008

time flies!

Time flies when it's the holiday season! I can't believe 2008 is almost over and that 2009 is almost here. Holy smokes... So, time to look back and time to look ahead.

Looking back, I didn't meet very many of my running goals for the year (the usuals being to run consistently, to PR in all distances, etc.). I lost traction in my goal to run consistently back around July, and never really got back on track. Forget the fact that I was in the middle of marathon training season, I just couldn't get interested in running. As for PRing in all distances, well, I only raced three times last year: a 5k on New Years day (run with 6 inches of fresh snow on the course, so no PR there), the Manhattan Half in late January (a PR by 11 minutes, woohoo), and my NYC Marathon (which was a personal worst due to stomach issues). So, I'm happy to leave 2008 behind from a running perspective.

Looking ahead to 2009, well, I think my main goal is to get consistent again, with a minimum of 4 runs per week. I have a 15k in March, and a half in June. After those, we'll see how things look with regards to doing a fall marathon.

So, repeat after me: CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!

Oh, and while I'm at it, I plan to take off the extra pounds I put on in 2008 while being inconsistent with my running. :-)

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