11 October, 2007

post race? WHAT race? :-)

So, I've been in New Orleans since Monday. Flew here right from Chicago. A little stiff on the plane ride, but had an aisle seat and stretched the legs regularly.

Since Tuesday, my sister and I have been working at Habitat for Humanity worksites. Tuesday was near Musician's Village - spent half the day crouched under a house pounding nails up if they missed the floor joists (I've never used the word "joist" in a sentence before LOL). Yesterday and today, we were on the West Bank and put in a flooring system - hung the floor joists, blocked between them, and between yesterday and today, laid the subfloor.

I'm sore alright, but nothing to do with running.

Oh, one strange thing... I went to a concert in Lafayette Park last night, and when I took a step down off the flight of stairs we were sitting on, my right knee sort of gave out. Feels a little weird today - almost like it's hot?

Will try running tomorrow. There's a marathon next weekend (the 20th) and I'm thinking about it...

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