11 December, 2007


OK, I finally got some running MOJO back!

I got to the gym last night for my long run. Did 10.4 miles in 2 hours (5.2 mph). I was happy to stop but could have kept going no worries.

SRD today, back at it tomorrow with 6 easy.

I'm going to rotate between 2 hour, 2.5 hour and 3 hour long runs for the next few months. That's anywhere from 10-15 miles, maybe a bit more if the legs feel good (and as my fitness improves).

I have 3 halfs scheduled between January and June, so that'll keep me in fine form.

I'm already looking forward to next summer, when I can start my fall marathon training with a solid solid distance base. I am going to ROCK New York next year. You heard it here first! :-)


Raymond said...

I'll hold you to it Elizabeth. NY needs to know you were there. Isn't marathoning great!!

marketsquarehero said...

Elizabeth...wow my first blog ever. Is this what a blog is? I do it because we are living in very parellel worlds. Lets see...we live in the same town, same state, we both run marathons obsessively, though relatively slowly, we both "did" Chicago, we're both doing VCM, and we're both doing Myrtle Beach. Although, like you, I'm not too sure about the price. Hotels arent the problem...try airfare to Raleigh/Durham...thats what I'm doing.