24 December, 2007

long run, done and dusted!

Phew, glad that's over!

I got my 14-miler in today - treadmill as usual given the weather and time of year. 11:45 pace, and I'm trying to stay around 11:30 or so, but the legs didn't have it today. No worries, it was time on the feet. Cooldown, stretch and 100 crunches too.

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Raymond said...

You said it ... time on your feet. That was my true goal last Saturday on my 26.2 mile long run and I used my Garmin virtual partner to fend off boredom. I must say I'm totally shocked that I ran within 3:21 of a BQ and felt so good.

I sincerely hope you and family have a very happy holiday. You are one of the forum folks that my heart longs to meet in person.

Here's wishing you the best during the holidays and all of 2008. God willing, we can make our paths cross.