01 January, 2008

RunVermont First Run 5k

OK, I did the race, not a PR, though. :-)

First mile: It's snowing, the gun goes off, and we're on our way, slipping and sliding through the 2"+ of snow on the ground. Tough footing the first mile or so - 2 folks wiped out right in front of me - stopped to help one of them up, the other was up before I got to him. Split - no idea because I still can't figure out how to work my stupid @&%&(##%^ sports watch.

2nd mile: footing is a bit better - we're down to wet slushy pavement in 2 tracks (car marks), so as long as you can stay in those, you're all set moving along. split? no idea.

3rd mile: steep downhill on a small sidestreet still completely snowed in, so I slow way down here, cruddy footing for a little after that, then things clear up and I start passing folks. Got past 4 or 5 people, then hit some ice and have to slow it down again. split - no idea.

I approached the clock at 33:xx, but lost track trying not to wipe out on the ice at the finish and also trying not to plow over the person in front of me who came to a dead stop BEFORE the finish line. uh, duh!

Now that results have been posted - I finished in 33:51:00. So, no PR, but given the course conditions, I'm absolutely fine with that. A 5k when I'm actually running on pavement, well, I'm gonna rock that course.

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