07 January, 2008

I got up to Smuggler's on Saturday for my first ski day of the season. The conditions were amazing, tons of snow, pretty much no ice (which for anyone who knows VT skiing, that's extraordinary), high 20s, and some sun. Fairly windy, but no complaints at all.

I thought I might find it easy, considering I can run until the cows come home, but I tell you, my legs were D-O-N-E by the time we left the mountain. Yesterday, Uncle DOMS paid a visit, and my right upper calf is strangely tight. Taking that into consideration, and my late night out on Saturday, I took yesterday as USRD.

Back at it tonight with 14 miles, treadmill. My only concern is not getting kicked off the treadmill by the crowds at the gym - new years resolution folks make it pretty crowded these days.

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