08 January, 2008

6 easy miles

I've had some tightness in my upper right calf for the last few days (since skiing, coincidentally), so skipped my run last night and used The Stick (cue the heavenly angels singing LOL).

Anyways, it felt a bit better today, so off to the gym I went. I got in 6 miles easy tonight before I felt my calf tightening up a bit - plus there was a line waiting for the treadmills. harrumph! I hate this time of year when the gym is packed.

Back at it tomorrow w/ another 6 miler. Speed work if the calf feels ok, otherwise will stick w/ easy miles again.

At this point, I just want to be consistent w/ my mileage base, and will have to go on the assumption that speed will feel easier as my overall fitness improves.


Jenn said...

Elizabeth . . .found you through Runners' World and was intrigued about your Chicago '07 experience . . .we had very similar experiences in Chicago. I'm local to Chicago and trying again this year . .love the blog!

elizabethnyc said...

Thanks Jenn - here's to a better 2008 marathon for both of us! :-)