30 January, 2008

yesterday and today

Yesterday, was having a good amount of discomfort/pain from hammie/glute area (piriformis, I guess). Sat on a baseball for part of the afternoon - it's pressure point massage, essentially, right at the affected area. Then hit the gym for some easy miles. I did a 5 minute walking warmup, followed by 3 easy miles at 5.2 mph and 0 incline, then 5 minute walking cooldown. stretch, then tried again with the foam roller. I just can't get the right pressure with that on this area. It's great for ITBS, just not for this. Anyways, the running felt perfectly fine, it's just before and after that's the problem. At home, I used The Stick, and that helped a bit.

Felt pretty good this a.m. Mild soreness, but no pain per se.

SRD today, and am going out w/ the BF to a concert - North Mississippi Allstars. Blues/rock/country - I've seen them in New Orleans a few times and they're great.

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