12 January, 2008

I did 7 miles this afternoon, treadmill at the gym. Gorgeous day up here (sunny and low 40s), but I got started too late and didn't want to finish outside in the dark.

Anyways, supposed to be an easy run, but I can't seem to restrain myself from a fast (for me) finish. First 3 at 5.3 mph (which I'm making my EASY pace), next 3 at 5.5 mph, last mile at 5.8 mph. Then 140 crunches and 3 x 12 pushups.

I'm planning to run 10 or so tomorrow, which should be interesting. I always take SRD before a long run. However, the Higdon Intermediate plan has a medium distance run on Saturdays, with the long run on Sunday. So, depending on how this feels, and knowing I have 5 months until marathon training officially starts, I can get the legs used to it.

I'm breaking 5 hours this year if it kills me.

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