28 June, 2008

Phew, it's over!

I am SOOOOO glad this week is over.

We've been in prep for a 2-day event at work, and I worked 83 hours this week. No time for running, no time for anything at all.

So the event is over now, and here's where I am at the moment:

* At my desk checking email and my running forum (RWOL)
* Huge glass of sauvignon blanc in hand
* Bought myself a birthday present of a GARMIN 405 at Eastern Mountain Sports on my way home from the event this afternoon.
* and I'm officially as old as dirt today... :-)

Need to get myself cleaned up and over to the BF's soon. He's taking me out tonight for my bday.

18 June, 2008


I have a haircut scheduled for 6 p.m., then will hit the gym for a 6-miler.

My Camel's Hump hike for this weekend is a no-go - we're scheduled for rain/thunder and lightning the rest of this week AND the weekend. That at least helps with making sure I get my runs in...

17 June, 2008


I have an SRD today (scheduled rest day) - I shuffled the schedule around due to a work event that I have tonight.

Back at it tomorrow with 6 easy miles, 6 again on Thursday, SRD on Friday (it's my BF's birthday), then 9 and 6 on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Plus the BF and I are planning to hike Camel's Hump one day this weekend (about a 6-hour hike roundtrip). And my nieces have a soccer tourney all day BOTH days that I need to go to. Not sure how to fit it all in...

15 June, 2008

Got in an 8-miler yesterday afternoon (treadmill, I'm not ashamed to say).

My legs felt like they could have kept going, which is reassuring considering that's the longest I've run since my half in late January. I've been doing 5s, 6s, 7s since then, nothing longer. That didn't exactly set me up with a great training base for marathon season, but it'll have to do.

Took today off, back at it tomorrow w/ 6 easy miles.

09 June, 2008

SRD today

It's going to be hazy, hot (90F) and humid again today, with chance of severe thunderstorms and possible hail. oy. Anyways, I have SRD today, so won't need to venture out on a run in that mess.

I'm home waiting for the delivery guys to come with my new washer and dryer! YAY, I'll be able to do a real-size load of laundry. I'm going from a 1.5 cubic foot washing machine up to a Whirlpool 3.7 cubic foot front-loader. Amazing that it's Energy Star rated, and will use HALF the water for a washer that's over twice as big!!

08 June, 2008


Having some cereal for brekkie (raisin bran w/ 1% milk, in case you're curious LOL), and will head out for 8 miles around 9 a.m. or so.

Then my BF and I are going hiking. I'm letting him pick the hike, with my only request that it's easy. We're supposed to get into low 90s again today, so being up in the mountains sounds pretty good.

05 June, 2008

The heat is on
The heat is o-on...

(said in my best Glenn Frey of the Eagles voice - I think that's who sings that song?)

OK, as of yesterday, I'm officially in the 2008 NYC Marathon. One would think that would light a fire under my butt and get me out the door running a bit more consistently?

I just CAN'T run another crappy marathon this fall - I was well trained last year for Chicago and the fates intervened with a 90F/high-humidity/sunny-no-shade-to-be-found day. So I'm gonna put in the work, and I damn well better come up with a good result this year... grrrrrr. :-)

02 June, 2008

I only got in 4 miles yesterday, the day just got away from me.

Today is SRD, back at it tomorrow with 6 miles. And then 6 again on Wednesday.