19 August, 2008

I had the cruddiest night's sleep last night. Fell asleep on the couch around 9, I think, woke up at 11, and was awake until about 3 a.m. Harrumph. Coffee will be my best friend today. Tons of upheaval at work and it's stressing me out.

Have also decided that I'm sticking to halfs after NYC this year. Yes, I know I've said that before, i.e. during EVERY marathon training season, BUT THIS TIME I REALLY MEAN IT! :-) I just find the training for a full so torturous that it really drags me down.

Or maybe I'm just in a sh*tty mood. Which would probably be helped by a run. There's logic in there somewhere??

18 August, 2008

I was in Boston for the weekend (Sox game work event - not a bad gig LOL), and didn't get back in time yesterday to do my long run, so will be doing it tonight on the treadmill.

I've reworked my schedule a bit because I've missed enough runs over the last few weeks that it would have been "too much too fast" if I stuck with it as it was. So now, I'll get to marathon Sunday with 2 15-milers, 2 18-milers, and 2 20-milers (I'm taking out 1 of the 3 originally planned 20s).

Also, there's a 3-week DRASTIC taper at the end of my program, with the schedule going from 20-miler 3 weeks out, down to 10, down to 4, then marathon. I'm going to tinker with that a bit - probably follow the 20-miler with a 15-miler two weeks out, then 8 or so a week before the race. I need to think about that a bit and look at my plans from previous years.

08 August, 2008


I did 6 TM miles at the gym after work.

I was thinking the entire time that the 1/2 a pulled pork sandwich I had for lunch wasn't a great idea. Sure enough, I got home from the gym and almost puked. TWICE. Is that too much information? Anyways, I had to cancel plans w/ the BF and now I'm just going to take some Pepto Bismol, lay down on the couch, and hope for the best.

06 August, 2008

6 easy tonight

It's raining, YET AGAIN, so I'll be at the gym on the TM tonight, doing 6 easy miles.

I'm one of those strange folks who don't mind the treadmill, and indeed, sometimes I prefer it. Obviously I need to do outside miles, for hills, getting my legs used to the pounding on pavement, etc., but there's something to be said for access to bathrooms, unlimited water that I don't have to carry, and being able to watch the Red Sox game while running. :-)

Our 10-day forecast = rain, rain and more rain. I'm just glad I live on high ground!

04 August, 2008

repeating a week?

I think I'm going to repeat last week's training schedule. No reason except I missed 2 of my 4 runs.

My job really seems to be getting in the way of my running lately. ;-) Seriously though, I'm happy to work however many hours you'd like, Monday to Friday, but I'm really starting to resent having to work weekend days due to events. By the time summer is over, I'll have worked 8 weekend days. That's a full 1/3 of my summer weekends that were taken by my job - and since not all the weekend days fell as a Saturday+Sunday pair, it's actually more like 6 weekends out of 12 that were disrupted, not 4 weekend. Harrumph...

Okay, I'll stop my whining now, I promise.

Can't wait to run tonight - the sky finally cleared, and it's blue sky and dry out.