27 July, 2007

tempo run tonight

I'm scheduled for a 6 mile tempo run tonight, at 10:28 mile pace. Yowza. Not sure if I'm supposed to do the entire 6 miles at that pace or end up at that pace towards the end of my run (maybe that's wishful thinking).

I was surprised to see a tempo run the day after interval work (usually don't have speed work 2 days in a row), but I realized I shuffled my schedule around this week and that tonight's run was supposed to be on Monday (which I changed to my 11-miler from last weekend).

Anyways, once I get through this weekend, I should be back on track w/ the training schedule as originally planned, and won't have to shuffle runs around anymore.


Emily said...

I've been doing some running reading (teehee) and it looks like tempo run milage includes a 1-1.5 mi warm up and 1 mi cool down -- so you'd be holding tempo pace for about 4 miles!

Good luck!

healthyinnyc said...

Thanks Emily, that helps for sure!