25 July, 2008

99 days until the NYC Marathon!

Guess I need to catch up here.

I was having a bit of a mental slump earlier this week. There are days where I really just don't like to run, and getting out the door is impossible. But I got a few words of wisdom from the MASTERS on the RWOL forums :-) and got back on track.

Did 4 easy Wednesday, 6 easy last night, and will do 4 easy tonight. It's a gorgeous day out, so will run outside as opposed to the treadmill like my last few runs.

SRD tomorrow, then 10 on Sunday.


Gettin Older said...

Good job getting out there. And, definitely run outside when you can. It is much preferred to the hamster wheel/treadmill.

Laura said...

So jealous that you're doing the marathon! I'm volunteering at the Nike half on Sunday, which means only three more races to run and I'm guaranteed for 2009.

Great job getting back on track! I haven't run in a bit but am hoping to get out there tomorrow.