03 July, 2008

This week's runs

Did 3 miles last night, per my schedule. That seems low to me, and hardly worth getting sweaty for, but it's on the schedule so I did it.

Back at it tonight w/ 4 or 5 (schedule says 4 miles).

Pre-marathon season, I was running 5s and 6s as my midweek runs, and it doesn't make much sense to me to back it down to 3s and 4s. I might take my own mid-week schedule and then couple it with the long run progression from one of the plans I like (Glover or Higdon).


Ronster said...

Good idea. I also try to add a little mileage to the mid-week runs to be sure that, in the event of weekend plans, the miles will be there. The same for rest days--I run and wait for something unavoidable to come up, then I'll take the rest.
Happy belated birthday!

Gettin Older said...

I agree. You have worked hard for that fitness base. Don't let i slip for a schedule. Stay with what you got until the schedule catches up with you.